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What is speech and language therapy?

Speech and language therapy assists in improving your child’s ability to learn and communicate.  I am highly trained in evaluating and treating children who have difficulty with speech and/or language skills.  A child improves their communication skills often leading to decreased frustration and negative behaviors and improved social development and peer relationships.

There are many areas, disorders and diagnoses that will benefit from services of a speech-language pathologist. smallTALK Therapy offers services listed below: 



The way we pronounce sounds.


The ease at which our speech occurs .

Apraxia of Speech

Difficulty planning and coordinating the movements needed to produce speech .

Expressive Language

Difficulty using words in a meaningful way to convey a message or participate in a conversation.

Receptive Language

Difficulty understanding language.

Social Communication

Difficulty using language appropriately in social settings.

What smallTALK offers:


FREE Communication Consultation: A complimentary consult by phone to identify areas of concern in your child’s speech and language skills.


Speech-Language Evaluations: Developmental History Review, Parent Interview, Standardized Testing, Informal Testing and a Clinical Observation


Individual Speech Therapy: On-site  play-based therapy. All therapy is individualized to match your child’s learning style while incorporating his or her interests. We use evidence-based treatment approaches and customize a plan based on your child’s strengths and needs. I will model techniques and explain how you can incorporate them into your daily routines.


Social Skills Groups: A group designed for children who have autism and/or a disability affecting their social skills. 


PEERS Program: Specialized program to increase social skills for adolescents in middle/high school  who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends.

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